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July 31. 2013

I want to talk about a very unexpected benefit of a Stem Cell Treatment that I am experiencing.  I finished my last treatment at the end of March, just 4 months ago.  I knew that I would have increased energy, clarity and generally feel good.  Who knew that 5 weeks later, I would be cast in a new role?  Suddenly, my husband-a very strong, independent man, was injured, had surgery and will shortly begin the “learning to walk again” process.  He feels totally uncomfortable being served, but that is what had to happen and is still happening, since he is really unable to carry anything as he is still on crutches and one leg (just until Tuesday).  After a Stem Cell Treatment, I have up to 9 months of that immune system modification when I am able to accomplish so much, and am benefiting by helping my husband.  I have to say that I will stay eternally grateful that Stem Cells were inside me when this accident happened, so that I could step up and help my darling.