Musings of a Stem Cell Advocate

If you hear claims of Billions of Stem Cells recieved from this clinic or that clinic… are the facts
Stromal Vascular Fraction:
So, let’s talk about this.  There ARE billions of cells in the SVF.  There is no arguing that.  The SVF is basically the pellet of cells that you get after you centrifuge the raw fat tissue.  Sroma; Vascular Fraction contains Preadipocytes, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Endothelial Progenitor Cells, T Cells. B Cells, Mast Cells as well as adipose tissue Macrophages.  Are there billions of Mesenchymal Stem Cells?  No.  These repairing cells number in the millions at best.


September 12, 2013….ALREADY!

It is time for me to post a Stem Cell/multiple sclerosis update.  I am currently not feeling really well.  My little pesky companion is secondary progressive ms.  This bugger wants to move and I have miraculouly kept it down.  I am still walking and self sufficient.  I must admit though that the help of my family is extraordinarily welcome.  I think that what has happened is that I have exhausted …my stem cells from the treatment in March. I believe that the stresses of the summer and the intense heat in Texas have exacted their bit of payment out on me. I still have all the repairs that I have received in the past. Everything internal is still good and my legs are still stronger, in other words I can stand on them for a long time but my walking is not good. Currently, I see that the immune system modification that the stem cells gave me is probably expired because I am fatigued, weak and I have numbness in my hands and feet intermittently.  But here is the thing, I am NOT going to take this sitting down. I do not see my life dwindling away. I will use every tool in my arsenal to fight this thing.  The financial piece is always a challenge, but i know there is a way.  My biggest tool is my stem cell treatments, along with my diet, exercise, supplements and my homeopathic medicine. I really hesitate to make a post like this , because it really upsets my children. But I want you to know guys that I am working on it.  Remember how I was in May 2010 before my first stem cell treatment….it was looking very bad. I dont even resemble that person anymore.  Time to work on the next step!!  Have a great day everyone

August 24, 2013

What a crazy summer this has been!  I came back full of Stem Cells at the beginning of April.  One month later my husband broke his knee cap in HALF and here we are at the end of August.  I spent the entire summer as a caregiver until just recently, when Philippe was able to walk with one crutch and carry things again.  Honestly, the Stem Cells allowed me to do everything that needed to be done and I am proud to say that I have no regrets.  Oh, one regret….The Chef would not let me cook dinner.  I was allowed to handle breakfast and lunch, but the one legged man wanted to do dinner.  Of course, I was right by his side to do the fetching, the carrying, the washing and the positive attitude when he was beyond frustrated.  So, here we are it is August, almost September.  Now it is time to take care of Judi again!  Here we go!


July 31. 2013

I want to talk about a very unexpected benefit of a Stem Cell Treatment that I am experiencing.  I finished my last treatment at the end of March, just 4 months ago.  I knew that I would have increased energy, clarity and generally feel good.  Who knew that 5 weeks later, I would be cast in a new role?  Suddenly, my husband-a very strong, independent man, was injured, had surgery and will shortly begin the “learning to walk again” process.  He feels totally uncomfortable being served, but that is what had to happen and is still happening, since he is really unable to carry anything as he is still on crutches and one leg (just until Tuesday).  After a Stem Cell Treatment, I have up to 9 months of that immune system modification when I am able to accomplish so much, and am benefiting by helping my husband.  I have to say that I will stay eternally grateful that Stem Cells were inside me when this accident happened, so that I could step up and help my darling. 

June 14th Stem Cell Update….AWESOME!

Oh my gosh, more than 2 months since my return from Panama and my last Stem Cell Treatment and I JUST realized something big.  Philippe and I were at his pre-op appointment and suddenly we realized that something had changed, had probably changed 2 months ago and we never picked up on it.  Before this treatment, my right foot had been turning in slightly when I walked.  I think this is called TONE.  Anyone can verify this term?  I just had no control over it.  NO KIDDING, my foot does not turn in anymore! Thank you dear G-d and Thank You Stem Cells!!  You are slowly changing my little life!